Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny Days

Resting in the sunshine
Soaking up the rays
A butterfly’s unfolding wings
Takes flight on sunny days

Springtime brings emergence
New life cracks the earth
Beauty sings in harmony
Joy is bursting forth

The soft green grass it sparkles
With rainbows in the dew
Each single drop reflecting
A world within a hue

The trees they are all stretching
A time for getting dressed
With all the buds of springtime leaves
We are so truly blessed

And fountains of pink colour
Fill the clear blue skies
The cherry blossom flowers
Brings tears into the eyes

The gentle winds they whisper
That winters nearly gone
The robins now have changed their tune
And sing a cheerful song

Walking by the riverside
A flash of blues and greens
And golden sunlight fills the eyes
More vivid now it seems

A spark of bright clear energy
Ignites a time to sow
So plant the seeds of summertime
And watch the flowers grow

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