Thursday, 11 March 2010

Walking with the angels

May sweet celestial angels
Bursting forth with light
Wrap their wings around you
And give you strength tonight

The whisper of their voices
So gentle, soft and wise
Bring joy and love into your heart
And lift you to the skies

May their compassion fill your soul
And see with clearer sight
The sweetness that you have to give
Their torches burning bright

May rays of sunlight break at dawn
and filter through your door
may your heart be filled with angel light
and never want for more

May you always feel protected
When curled up in your bed
And may you have the sweetest dreams
Always in your head

I wish for you the breath of life
So you will always dance
And may you see a brighter world
One that will entrance

When angels walk beside you
Know there is no fear
Wherever life may lead you
They always will be near

Your golden heart it shines now
You've flown on angel wings
So sing your song, light up the world
From where the magic springs

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