Thursday, 18 March 2010

The cave of dreams (19/03/10)

The gate is huge and shimmers gold
A lion stands beside me bold
White robes glow, a guardian stands
He smiles at me and takes my hand

A statue of a huge gold bird
Asks me if I know the word
I chant out 'OM' and 'Elohim'
That seems enough and now I'm in.

This gold bird asks me what I've learned
From the voices that I've heard
I tell him 'to trust in your heart'
He seems to think I've made a start

I'm lost in here, its all so new
Another realm, a different view
A wicker basket in my arms
Filled with flowers, magic charms

Suddenly I'm at a cave
Another bird here guards the way
I know that I've been here before
I'm now the person at my core

The bird had placed an egg of gold
Inside me for me to hold
He said it carried all the dreams
That wanted to hatch inside me

And now it seems I have returned
Back to this cave, with all I've learned
And here I stand now with the egg
That contains the dreams I've fed

The cave now glows with rainbow light
and shimmering gold, all clear & bright
What dreams may come I cannot say
As I travel on the way

I feel at one with all right now
I stand here and thank the Tao
And wipe away a single tear
In gratitude for being here

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