Friday, 26 March 2010

Wrapped In Serenity's Arms

Serenity, this peace and calm
Wraps me in her gentle arms
So sweetly lost within her charms
I sigh and drift away

The angels blanket me with love
And from my heart flies one white dove
The mystery lifts me above
I turn and kiss the stars

Falling deeper ever falling
Until the dew soaked smell of morning
Wakes me up into my calling
I open up my heart

Another new day is now dawning
A golden heart within me forming
On angel wings I am now soaring
I turn and catch the sun

Writing songs in poetry
With synergy comes harmony
Such wonders open up my eyes to see
My sight becomes enhanced

Energy expanding light
Open heart & second sight
Have led me through the darkest night
And now I have become

I sit here naked at my core
With these new eyes I gaze in awe
The mystery of life once more
Holds me in her arms.

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