Friday, 5 March 2010

For my Dad

Puff the magic dragon
Is what you’d sing to me
When I was just a tiny tot
Sitting on your knee

Spinning the banana
A game we used to play
While sitting by the river Thames
On sunny summer days

Our London trips meant bookshops
And record fairs and tea
Our favourite little coffee shop
We sat in frequently

And then there were the marches
Standing for your rights
Running from the chaos
When it all broke out in fights

In life you always told me
Don’t bow down to the man
Just live your life and be sincere
And do the best you can

Walking in the woodlands
We’d talk of all our dreams
You would have been a rock star
If you’d had the means

Watching while you sat there
Playing the guitar
Listening while you softly sang
Sitting there in awe

Dancing at wild parties
In your robotic style
Always proud you were my dad
You always made me smile

Laughing at the stories
That you’d tell of your youth
Each one had a meaning
Each revealed a truth

I know you’re out there guiding
Each step along the way
Live your life, do all you can
Is what you used to say

Although you were my father
You were my best friend too
And everything I do in life
I always think of you

And though its hard without you
I’m finding joy each day
Just letting go and living life
And following the way.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Juliette,
    This is a beautiful poem. If all people had relationships with their fathers like you've had, this world would be a vastly different place. You may miss him but like you say, he's surely guiding each step you take along the way. You're a lucky woman. Thanks for sharing your feelings and experiences in such a beautiful way.