Friday, 10 December 2010

A song of life

Be the peace within your soul
Breathe deep, breathe love and be
Radiant lights all shining stars
One big family

Touch each other with this light
with love we'll surely be
Singing songs of purest love
With joy and harmony

Celestial music in your soul
Pure divinity
Angels singing in your heart
Set the angels free

Every flower every birdsong
Every Mountain, every tree
Everything within our hearts
In stillness sit and be

Sparkle with a love of life
Embrace each soul you meet
Shine with love and be the light
Bless each day you greet

Accept yourself for who you are
So blessed for life are we
Dance timeless in eternal bliss
Breathe deep, relax and BE

Natures Gift to a Weary Soul

Oh Weary Soul, come, rest your troubles in my heart,
Know they will be safe
Within the sparkling wheel
Of creation and love.

Oh Weary soul, tread your toes upon my soft grass,
And feel my touch
Caress your gentle spirit
A sweet kiss of life.

Oh Weary soul, cast your eyes and gaze upon my sky
And see my beauty,
Your hopes and dreams,
Reflected in my light

Oh Weary soul come listen, to sounds you would pass by
And hear with joy
As sweet melodic birdsong
Sings to your heart.

Oh Weary soul awaken now, to beauty all around
Come forth with love
And breathe new life
Created in my arms.

photo dec.10


The words that are unspoken
I hear.
The emotion barely touched on
I feel.
With depths of awareness
I heal.

The things that are hidden
I see.
The clarity of vision
I hold.
A story not yet written
Is told.

The veil of illusion
I break.
With self observation
I know.
With truth of reality
I grow.