Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The seeds of creation

In the hazy midday heat
Feel the earth beneath your feet
Open heart send out your love
To all around, below, above

Balanced now and harmonised
Taking life now in your stride
Shining bright and flowing free
New life bursts forth creatively

Through the chaos and destruction
Knock down the walls before creation
In time all things come to an end
Before they are rebuilt again

Watch your thoughts and be aware
Choose them wisely and with care
Within each thought a seed there lies
When it fruits don’t be surprised.

Surrender to the mystery,
And all the things your eyes can’t see
Let go and drift on down the stream
Gently taken by the dream

Wish for good and you will find
That good will come to you in time
All these seeds inside are growing
From the dreams that you are sowing

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