Monday, 27 June 2011

The Unicorn

In ancient forest emerald green
The trees call out to you
The birds all sing their morning song
The forest drips with dew

The mists that rise above the lake
The fresh cool mountain breeze
A unicorn comes into view
You mount his back with ease

He’s glad you came and wants to ride
Through diamond rainbow light
And shine as though a million stars
Have touched your soul tonight

In meadows filled with wild flowers
The alpine morning air
You ride the back of unicorn
Sunlight in your hair

The ancient ones have called to you
They know you’re on a mission
They know the truth within your heart
The beauty of your vision

Keep breathing soft, keep breathing deep
Keep your connection strong
Keep sharing in the joy of life
And sing with love your song

A crystal cave high in the peaks
A candle flame burns bright
Magic stirring in the soul
Alive with joy tonight

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