Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ride the waves

In the meadow feel the heat
burning underneath your feet
Rising up to to touch the sun
Connecting with all life as one.

Spinning spirals ever turning
From wise sages, always learning
The racing of a heart that quickens
In the stillness opens, listens

Bonds of friendship never lost
In love we trust, there is no cost
Keep on loving, keep on learning
The heat that rises, keeps on burning

Holding thoughts of pure intent
Some things it seems are heaven sent
Keep the channels open wide
On waves of light learn how to ride

Accept the darkness of the night
Howl at the moon that shines so bright
Arms outstretched pray to the source
Trust the guidance on your course

Feel the heartbeat of the One
Chanting the eternal OM
This miracle of life we see
Open, flow and learn to be.

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