Wednesday, 27 October 2010

At the cabin

Catch a train in morning light
Dawn chorus fills the skies
Floating off in sleepy dreams
The sun is on the rise

Hoeing weeds in heavy rain
A robin starts to sing
The clouds float on, a bright sun shines
A red kite on the wing

A heron flies through crimson skies
The clouds tinged with rose gold
A blaze of fiery autumn light
A marvel to behold

An old man on the riverbank
His fishing rod in hand
Speaks of nature and of peace
This place we understand

In the woods the trees explode
A deep red, golden hue
The emerald grass it sparkles bright
The lake an azure blue

Sit with love and gratitude
Be as the evening sky
Give a little smile to life
And sigh a little sigh.

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