Friday, 1 October 2010

An Autumn Gathering

The wind blows through the autumn leaves
All swirling round and round
Mesmerised the colours spin
And land upon the ground

Walking in the autumn rain
Each drop feels fresh and new
No matter what the weather brings
Always enjoy the view

A gathering of kindred souls
Leaves magic in the air
Each one has a tale to tell
So much we have to share

The cheerful smiling faces
The sparkling friendly eyes
The gentle warmth of each embrace
Love wears no disguise

The open hearted sharing
Of dreams within our souls
Expanded light, all rising up
And shining in rose gold

Buzzing with the energy
Of synergy and light
Each part of the one-ness
Shines so very bright

How blessed are we to be here now
Together all as one
Soul stars twinkle in the rain
And sparkle in the sun

Appreciate each moment
For what that moment brings
And learn to leap off hilltops
And fly with outstretched wings

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