Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A heart Song

The story of your heart song
Learn to sing it raw
Go within your beating heart
And open up the door

Allow yourself really feel
The fire that burns bright
Sit and breathe and radiate
That love into the night

Keep focused on the source now
the wobbles will subside
Know the joy inside your heart
and keep it open wide

The spinning vortex flashes
Sparkling with light
And blue spots dance around the room
A mesmerising sight

Sit inside the stillness
And offer out your love
With everything below you
and Everything above

Watch it all unfolding
no need to push or force
Just surrender to the night
And let it take its course

Embrace each single moment
for what that moment brings
And do what gives the greatest joy
Is what the heart-song sings

Its time to drop the masks now
and know yourself as love
And learn to fly on angel wings
As peaceful as a dove

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