Saturday, 11 September 2010


See the beauty with your eyes
Breathing in the rose pink skies
Angel feathers soft and white
Drift silently into the light

Golds and reds and orange hues
Float in skies of azure blues
Shimmering golds and emerald green
Sparkles from the fairy queen

Wings outstretched and soaring high
Looking out with Eagle eye
Bring joy and love to all around
share the magic you have found

Rustling leaves, the spirit breeze
A heaving sigh, the life force breathes
Beating hearts they open wide
Become the love thats held inside

Each and every breath we take
Creates the world we wish to make
bring forth the colours in your mind
Be beautiful, be gentle, kind

Make a difference, shine so bright
Use your heart to guide you right
Surrender to the starry night
Melt in this bliss and be the light

Serve with kindness and with grace
Bring a smile to every place
Connect with every star above
Bring to the world a gift of love

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