Monday, 13 September 2010

Fairy dreams

A key that fits a lock
A gate already open
There is no need to knock
For those who are awoken

A fairy skips on through
And does a little dance
She sings a little song
And drifts into a trance

She wakes next to a well
That twinkles in the sun
And with a flick she waves her wand
A wish for everyone

May all beings be at peace
May joyful laughter be
The natural way to live each day
With ease and harmony

May each heart be filled with love
May every mind be free
May there always be clear vision
May beauty always be

And in the dew of morning
The sparkling emerald green
The sun rose up above the hills
And golden light was seen

The spirit fairy dancer
Sings a joyful song
And offers out these words to you
That you might sing along.

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