Saturday, 14 May 2011

Moments Of Beauty

The hawk that circles overhead
The cawing of the crow
The butterflies that flutter by
All have much to show

The beauty of the rainbow clouds
The rustling of the leaves
The meadows filled with buttercups
The gentle spirit breeze

The heady fragrance of the rose
The river flowing by
The sweet and gentle morning rain
That falls from father sky

The gulls that cry out on the wing
The sea that ebbs and flows
The fish that leap, The sandy beach
The rising sun that glows

The velvet cloak of evening time
The silver moon shines bright
The twinkling of the starry skies
That sparkle through the night

Healed and whole and breathing love
Each cell filled with light
The angel bells that ring out loud
Sing with pure delight

A mountain top, breathe in the air
Standing on its zenith
Embracing life and being love
Breathe slow, breathe deep, replenish.

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