Monday, 16 May 2011

Breathing love with a bright moon

Each day we pray we give our love
With joy, so very blessed
Each moment with such gratitude
We give to life our best

Learning how to roll with life
Just as the river flows
With grace and humble gratitude
Love expands and grows

Guided only by the source
Trusting intuition
Being love and breathing light
Using inner vision

So blessed are we that every day
We have a chance to be
Alive to dance with life and love
Trust in the Mystery

Loving life and breathing light
Listening to the earth
On bended knees, the gentle breeze
Whispers of self worth

Breathe with love and breathe with peace
Be the joy you are
Love with all your heart and soul
Shine out like a star

A glowing moon she beams and shines
Breathing pulsing light
Sending love around the world
And out to you tonight

The life force pulses constantly
Vibrating love so bright
Breathe slow, breathe deep, breathe with intent
And radiate with light

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