Thursday, 12 August 2010

A leap of faith

In sweet awakened journeys
A rememberance of the soul
Going deeper every day
Let go and lose control

Breathing in the sunshine
With hearts so filled with love
With mother earth below your feet
Light shining from above

Be at peace extend an arm
To everyone around
Hold in your hand the lamp of light
That’s passed from underground

Letting go into the void
A strange time for us all
Don’t be afraid, just take the leap
And jump into free-fall

Brothers, sisters holding hands
Standing in the light
All hearts being joined in love
So radiant and bright

Be present in the moment
For each has much to show
No matter what each moment brings
Its helping us to grow

Trust in your heart it tells you
That love will light the way
Be thankful for the peace and joy
That life brings you each day

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