Monday, 24 January 2011

Love flows

Feel your spirit light up
Angel wings unfurl
Keep the vision in your heart
Bring peace into the world

Step into the light
Know stillness of the mind
Expand with love and touch all hearts
Be gracious, humble, kind.

Though at times we stumble
And challenges we face
Know all of these we set ourselves
To bring us back to grace

Trusting in the source
We help each other through
Be gentle, patient, loving, kind
In everything you do

We learn to love all life
Our faces to the sun
We learn to love each other
And know all hearts as one

The door is always open
The love flows strong and true
We resonate and synchronise
And love will guide us through

Know yourself and love yourself
And do all you can do
Find the joy in life itself
And to your heart be true

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