Saturday, 5 February 2011

Shine with light

Here in this Sanctuary burning sweet oil
Conscious of life and its mortal coil
The scent of the rose is heavenly bliss
The smell of the heavens touched by a kiss

And as life keeps spinning around and around
Become as a tree, its roots in the ground
Here in the stillness the sun always shines
Soft is the heart and quiet the mind

A rapturous joy, a heart filled with light
As light as a breeze that floats through the night
And standing on clouds, blessed by the sun
United in love all hearts beat as one

The south path of innocent trust we may find
Will open our hearts, all fear left behind
Learning to breathe, the dolphins at play
Sharing the joy as we follow the way

Through all the lessons of love we are learning
To feel the sweet passionate flames that are burning
The violet flame transforms into gold
All negativity that we may hold

Seeing all lifetimes stretched out in a line
Here there is no sense of space or of time
A pure Divine love that sparkles so bright
A radiant joy bursting forth into light

In love and in service we find our wings
And know the sweet sound of the Om as it sings
Surrounded by love of the angels tonight
With joy & humility sparkle with light

1 comment:

  1. Oh Ju, that is so wonderful, thank you for sharing the gift of your eloquence xoxo