Monday, 7 February 2011

The Last Days of Winter

As gentle as the morning rain
Falls upon your face
Watch the swan glide on the pond
In elegance and grace

Listen to the robin
Who sits upon the tree
Singing out his sweetest song
As happy as can be

The days of winter shedding
A crocus starts to bloom
Feel the wind blow through your soul
The spring will be here soon

The flowing of the river
The budding of the trees
The catkins on the willows
Dancing in the breeze

And quietly you breathe it in
So blessed to be alive
Within the arms of Mother Earth
Your soul has learned to thrive

She nurtures and protects us
And guides us on our way
If we would stop to listen
Hear what she has to say

No matter what the weather
Or what the seasons bring
The buds will always open
The birds will always sing

Find your greatest peace now
Touching the sweet earth
Watch the springtime rise again
Nature giving birth

Bless the cold of winter
For all it had to show
For giving you the chance to see
The beauty of the snow

As each day gets longer
The winter nights now gone
Sit with the little robin
And join in with his song

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