Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Trusting in the Great Mystery

As radiant as a twinkling star,
calm as a tranquil sea,
feel the sunlight in your soul,
breathe deep, relax and be.

Keep Steady, balanced, centred
Rooted to the ground
Keep stillness deep within you
As the world spins round

Feel the joy and rapture
Shine with love so bright
Be there for those who ask for help
And help them find their light

And through all the changes
In unity we stand
Brothers, sisters of the light
Together hand in hand

With love we breathe and open up
And trust in the Divine
Use our hearts to guide the way
With clarity of mind

Trust in the great Presence
Of which we’re all a part
Know we’re all connected
One mind and one heart

Life will always guide you
To where you need to be
Use your gifts and share the love
With creativity

Every single heartbeat,
Every breath you take
The world you see in front of you
Is just what you create

This garden is so beautiful
May we all be blessed
With peace and joy & heaven on earth
Love shining at its best

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