Friday, 18 March 2011

Gratitude to Mother Earth

Mother Earth you sing your song
I kneel with you each day
I watch your seasons, move with you
With you I dance and play

Mother Earth I feel your soul
Talking through the trees
The sun shines through your branches
Your buds turn into leaves

Mother Earth this gentle rain
That nurtures your sweet earth
Brings for the shoots of springtime growth
Renewal and rebirth

Mother Earth I pledge my love
With joyous melodies
And as I sing with open heart
I feel you as a breeze

Mother Earth your beating heart
The love within your womb
The sun that shines, the bees that buzz
The magic of the moon

Mother Earth I send you light
And gratitude each day
So blessed for all the guidance
You share along the way

Mother Earth each day I walk
In oneness and in love
Connect with you below the ground
And all that is above

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