Friday, 18 September 2009

Freedom In Eden

I stand in my robes,
outside of the gate
I wonder how long
I’ll have to wait
I’m not even sure
if I’m dead or alive
Whether through all of these trials
I’ve survived

The gatekeeper watches
And keeps a close eye
I stand here defeated
He wonders why
He sees how I’ve strived
To move things along
He’s seen all my tears
And heard my sad song

He beckons me forward
And calls me by name
He says that he’s glad
That finally I came
He’s seen me slay demons
Until I burned down
He’s seen me crawling
Through mud on the ground

On every level he feels I’ve been tested
And now it is time that I resurrected
He gives me a smile
And tells me I’m through
And now that I’m here
I’ll know what to do

He tells me to take the key from my pocket
With one twist and turn
He quickly unlocks it
He holds out his hand
As I enter Eden
At last I have found
A place I call FREEDOM.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful...I love this. Inspired work, Ju xxx