Monday, 7 September 2009

THE TEST – A turning point

Is this all just one big illusion
Am I just suffering with fits of delusion
Have I a gift I can share with the world
Is this part of the journey that life will unfurl

Do the signs all point to destiny’s trail
If I give up does this mean that I failed
Is what I’m giving not nearly enough
Is it me that is making my own life so tough

Am I just testing myself once again
Am I just driving myself round the bend
Do I give up this truth that I talk
Turn away now from the path that I walk

I seem to have reached another dead end
Do I turn around and walk back again
Or do I move forward with thanks and with grace
And know this is part of the journey I face

Why do I dare threaten the gift of the muse
When really I have nothing much left to lose
Is this the point where I have to question
Whether this is all just part of the lesson

For I almost turned and just walked away
Until something just stopped me and told me to stay
Was it the grace of White Eagle my guide
Who told me he’d stay for a while by my side

I’ll have to commune with my pipe, Little Bear
Maybe the answers I seek will lie there
All I can do is sit here and pray
And hope that the answer will find me one day.

I guess all the while that the Muse wants to play
I’ll have to take care not to scare her away
For if she is right and I do have a mission
I’ll have to see this as part of the vision.


  1. Hi Ju,
    thanks for posting your peotry. Feels like a that we've neglected for a while. Miss you and enjoy your things.
    P.S. cami's blog is

    best, Dave Renfrow

    very best

    Dave Renfrow

  2. Very nice, but one small suggestion. Change "tough" (a bit too slangy) to "rough."