Friday, 18 September 2009

The Rainbow Bridge

Tonight the journey led me
Through hues of gold and green
I smoked my pipe
Sat in my wheel
And I began to dream

I stood upon a rainbow
A bridge into the sky
I stood there wearing pure white robes
I felt like I could fly

And as I walked across it
White Eagle as my guide
A gate in sparkling colours
Lay on the other side

The gate I couldn’t enter
Though I possessed a key
A magic combination lock
Its code word.. synergy

White Eagle talked of times ahead
But would not let me see
The full extent of what was there
And how these things would be

I saw some signs of structures
Breaking into sand
I also saw some signs ahead
Of people joining hands

Beyond the gate, a garden
With many special trees
The trees contained a golden fruit
That hung amongst the leaves

The fruit contained a knowledge
That needed to be shared
And handed out to those in need
And those within my care

I walked with Chief White Eagle
Who said its time to lead
To help guide those who fall behind
And point to what they need

The owl last night he called me
To listen hard and hear
To messages within the dreams
Of which I’ve held so dear

It seems the time is coming
Where I will stand and wait
In pure white robes
Upon a bridge
Outside a sparkling gate

It seems there is a magic key
Its hidden in my pocket
But unfortunately I cannot see
Just how to unlock it.

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