Saturday, 19 September 2009


With panther eyes I focus in
On what’s in front of me
One pure goal,
One pure aim
To set my spirit free

Entranced and wholly mystified
At how it came to be
That Nature’s soul
Has walked right in
And taken over me

For six years now I’ve toiled the earth
With mud all over me
But nature’s soul
Has seen to it
That my soul will be free

Through bitter cold of winter time
A robin’s been with me
He sings his song
With haunting tones
A touching melody

The springtime bursts with all new growth
And my heart sings to me
The driving force
Of all new life
A rebirth there will be

The summer days bring scorching sun
And proud the earth will be
Of all her work
A patchwork quilt
Laid out in front of me

The autumn time sees slowing down
With beauty she will be
Blowing leaves
Of coloured light
And mesmerising me

A part of mother nature’s soul
Is what I’ve come to be
Standing here
On her sweet earth
She lives inside of me

And now I’ve come to realise
To set my spirit free
All I need
To spread my wings
Is here for you to see.

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