Friday, 18 September 2009

Finding True Peace

I hear a voice
Is it mine?
All it seems to do
Is whine

I hear it want
I hear it need
I hear it beg
I hear it plead

I see its anger
And frustration
I see the movement
And hesitation

I feel its hunger
And its longing
It looks for places
Of belonging

I watch and laugh
Cos I can see
That none of this
Is really me

Do I watch
The naughty child
Her temper tantrums
Drive her wild

Do I ignore
Her burning fire
Or do I give in
To her desire

I’ll watch and laugh
Cos I can see
That all of this
Is part of me

When I let go
Of all of this
Falling here
In this abyss

I’ll find a way
To move from self
To put my needs
Up on a shelf

And when the I
Begins to cease
That’s when
My spirit
Will find peace.

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