Friday, 18 September 2009

The wild panther unleashed

She hesitates,
she sits,
she waits,
She licks her lips
Her skin vibrates

She’s wilder now
Her body quivers
In new found power
She shakes,
she shivers

A new day dawns
Can’t wait much longer
The tremble now
Is getting stronger

She takes her prey
She lunges in
All at once
Its skin on skin

She feasts upon
Lusts raw heat
She tastes the fire
Delicious, sweet

The dark one now
Is on his knees
He looks at her
He begs, he pleads

She holds him down
There’s no escape
For him, for now
This is his fate

He’ll be consumed
In her desire
He’ll melt and moan
She’ll never tire

The dark one sleeps
She turns again
Her naked flesh
Steams in the rain

Her appetite
It seems that now
She’s never full

A new day dawns
The panther roars
To wild new heights
Her power soars

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