Friday, 18 September 2009

An exploding star

Shaking, quaking, strangely vibrating
A star exploding in space
Spinning, twirling and all that’s unfurling
I’ve been touched by a weird kind of grace

Laughing, crying, ecstatically flying
Wild energy racing through me
I try to ground, I try to calm down
Wind blows as I centre my chi

Electrical pulses, the stereo pauses
The energy’s thrashing about
I try to ground, I turn off the sound
Try to focus and send this love out

As soon as I start to sink into trance
It s racing at speed through my heart
There’s no escape that I can now take
I feel like I’m coming apart

I pray to the stars, to open my heart
And let all this feeling pour through
I feel it start flowing, its coming and going
At each breath creation renewed

I try and surrender to this big adventure
As everything’s moving so fast
The pull of a future, that I’ve tried to nurture
Is more than the push of the past

So I’ll keep on writing as energy’s lightning
Throws me way out into space
I’ll melt in this fire as it takes me higher
And keep a big smile on my face!

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