Friday, 18 September 2009

The Blue Light of Venus

Trembling with primal energy
I’m now in unknown territory
And wild
My spirit free
I wield my sword
For all to see

Enchanting night wind calls to me
My humbled soul stands quietly
She sweetly
Her song to me
I writhe and moan in ecstacy

With arching back, howl at the moon
I mount with ease this magic broom
The stars
The serpent snake
A flower now in bloom

Blue Venus light glows through my soul
Emerald spires in dreams untold
The Pleiades
The sisters see
A heart that shines with gold

The vastness now of time and space
It has no meaning in this place
Courageous, bold
These Knights of old
I swoon in their embrace

And all of this Great Mystery
Has opened up her heart to me
I shake
I quake
For now I see
All this exists as part of me

And with each breath I slowly take
A universe I re-create
Each thought
Is caught
In webs of fate
And through us all it does vibrate

I land my broom in meadows sweet
Another time where I shall meet
A soul
Of old
And tales unfold
Of melting in the heat

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