Friday, 18 September 2009

Never ending cycles

I sit on the porch
And feel the hard rain
As it cleanses my soul
I cry again

A handful of finches
Flash past me in green
It touches my heart
I sit here and dream

My notebook is splattered
With tears I have shed
And storms they are brewing
The future
I dread

The cycles are endless
The changes flow fast
I look back and smile
At the joy of my past

I sit here and wonder
My hair soaking wet
Of what I am facing
With what I’ll regret

I’ll do what I can
With the time I have left
I’ll give all my love
I’ll give life my best

And all of the cycles
That nature provides
I’ll reach out my hand
Let her be my guide

For every black sky
And outbreak of rain
The sun will break through
And shine forth again

And nature it guides us
Through every dark night
Through every black cloud
There’s a glimmer of light

Its through all these cycles
That I start to learn
That everything passes
But life does return.

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