Friday, 18 September 2009


Did the universe open?
Did it leave a gap?
Did I snare myself
Like a mouse in a trap?

Did I get so caught up
In all the desire
That I nearly fell
Straight into the fire?

Did I forget
This wasn’t about
Just breathing it in
But giving it out?

Is this the pain
That’s all part of growing
Of giving/receiving
Of nurture and loving?

Giving is easy
Of that I’ve no doubt
All of my life
I’ve been breathing out

But letting love in
With such passionate desire
I’m not used to living
with this burning fire

But now I am learning
A new way to be
Of letting this love
Flow right through me

And I will map out
This journey ahead
If you lose your way
If you lose your head

I hope you will find
Some comfort in this
If you lose your mind
To ecstacy’s bliss.

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