Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Wild Nature Child

Does it make your heart glow
To gaze upon a rainbow
Does it make your passion rise
To feel the warmth of summer skies

Do dewdrops shine like diamond glass
When you lie down upon the grass
Does Great Spirit sing to you
In deep lagoons of Azure blue

Do the rocks with smiling faces
Guide you through the stony places
Do woodland nymphs dance in the night
Underneath a bright moonlight

Do you sense the rustling leaves
When you gaze up at gnarled old trees
Do crows pull out their brightest feathers
To give you signs in stormy weather

Does the buzzing of the bees
Keep you praying on your knees
Does the spray of sea air mist
Engulf you in ecstatic bliss

Do you clap your hands in sheer delight
to see a shooting star at night
Do bolts of lightning, rumbling skies
Excite your soul, light up your eyes

Do you wake with joy each day
Jump out of bed and want to play
And give the world your sweetest smile
You are alive wild nature child

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