Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The stars always shine

I know beyond the cloudy skies
That the moon will always rise
And the stars still shine so bright
in the darkness of the night

My heart still beats so deep and slow
surrendering and letting go
And with quiet introspection
Looking at my own reflection

When the morning comes around
You'll find me kneeling on the ground
Talking with the butterflies
Watching hearts float through the skies

Hearing rustles in the trees
Flowing with the soft cool breeze
Arms outstretched heart open wide
With each wave I'll learn to ride

And on the back of unicorn
I won't give up and be folorn
I'll do my best and give my all
And hope that I wont hit a wall

I know that really we're all one
Holy spirits having fun
Sparkling in the radiant light
Surrendering into the night

Life will always be alright.

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