Friday, 9 July 2010

Let your spirit shine!

There’s no mistakes.. in life we learn
To watch the ego growl and burn
There is a choice to let it be
Light up your heart and you will see
With joy and love, each passing day
Will guide the steps along the way
No longer will you spin around
Keep falling flat upon the ground
To gain in strength and see the light
And learn to use your second sight
Release the fears that do not serve
Become the witness and observe
And laugh at days when you are weak
It doesn’t mean that you’re a freak
The ego fights to take control
But there is light within your soul
Just watch and laugh and learn and grow
And joy and peace you’ll come to know
Be kind to those who sit and judge
As all reflections get a nudge
Just love yourself for all you are
And twinkle brightly as a star
In your heart a diamond shines
Its sparkling light will heal the mind
And join all hearts in rose gold light
And know the darkness of the night
Befriend the things that you would fear
Shekinah’s wind is always near
To blow you with a gentle breeze
So you may hear the rustling leaves
Just laugh and live and learn and play
And let Great Spirit guide the way

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