Thursday, 29 July 2010

With love, we grow

Going through a rebirth
Contractions squeeze so tight
Flowing with emotions
The grief hits hard tonight

Finding strength not easy
But something I must do
Until I reach self unity
The angels guide me through

The beauty locked inside me
Trapped in this cocoon
I hope that an emergence
Will happen very soon

Each time that my heart opens
And love begins to flow
I touch these deep emotions
Through all of this, I grow

The peace that I keep touching
Will one day fill the earth
It starts with self, with no one else
Its part of the rebirth

And with a flowing gentle love
A healing will take place
And one day soon a peaceful heart
Will fill with joy and grace

Its through the stiller moments
That yet more light is found
Connecting with the heavens
Rooted to the ground

And when I stop and focus
The vision that I see
Is all hearts filled with peace and love
The world in harmony

I’ll keep on writing through this
And sharing all I can
Its something I'm compelled to do
Its part of who I am.

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