Monday, 26 July 2010

Walk in Beauty

Walk in beauty each day of your life
No need for struggle, no need for strife
Let go of your fears and leave them behind
Relax and be still and just quieten your mind

Release old emotions into the wind
Feel the sun shining and hear your soul sing
With nature connect and raise your vibration
Bring all that you can into harmonisation

With the breeze in your hair dance with the Tao
Be as light as feather and to life, take a bow
Radiate peace send it out through the earth
Treasure and value all life and its worth

Each moment is precious so open your eyes
With eagle vision, soar up through the skies
Open your heart and pure love you will meet
Let it flow freely and softly and sweet

Be the temples of light that you are
Send out your love to those near and far
Feel yourself sparkle, sit and be still
Know you’re always guided by love’s divine will

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