Sunday, 4 July 2010

a torch of light

A butterly emerging
Sits upon a rose
Silently unfolding wings
Every day she grows

Being led by nature
The gentle soothing breeze
Following the blackbirds
The buzzing of the bees

A sudden flash of lightning
Strikes with pure connection
And in the sea of ectascy
She sees her own reflection

Now tender with her new wings
Resting for a while
She sighs into the night sky
And gives the stars a smile

All this gentle power
Each breath forms new creation
Of clearest light & total love
and purest of intention

Silently she whispers
In gratitude, with grace
To the miracle she calls her life
That's brought her to this place

Her passion is now forming
Into words of light
And with compassion burning
her torch is shining bright.

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