Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The winding path

Though the path may be winding
Know when you fall
With soft gentle strength
You learn through it all

It takes courage stand up
your heart open wide
And follow the voice
that whispers inside

Share all your joys
Light up all around
Breathe with the earth
Your feet on the ground

Create all you can
Whilst following the way
And Make sure you treasure
Each moment, each day

Try not to miss
The sun set and rise
Don't walk around blindly
Wipe the dust from your eyes

And with each little signpost
That points out the way
Be sure to find time
To let go and play

As night draws a curtain
You let out a sigh
And watch the moon waxing
So bright in the sky

Sit there and bathe
in her sweet beams of light
As your energy rises
To meet her tonight

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